Corporation Info

Corporation Name:Chien Hung Plastics Enterprise


HDPE pipe and fish cage provider

Chien Hung Corporation established in 2007. We are a professional provider of HDPE pipe, pipe fitting and fish farming cages. Our factory located in Pingtung City, south of Taiwan, and has 5 extrusion lines composed from Cincinnati Extrusion System.

Our product's range includes below ranges,
1) HDPE (PE100) pipes (From: OD 20mm~OD 1600mm) Most various types of usage: Water, Gas, Telecom and Sewage use.
2) PE / PP fittings, Long Spigot type (Up to OD630mm and can fabricate up to OD710mm).
3) PE socket-fusion type fittings.
4) PE anti-corrosive rod for injecting high corrosive detergent. (Mainly used in: Semi-Conductor plant and other Hi-Tech related industries).
5) Fish Farming Cages (sea cage, net cage) - For aquaculture (An easier way for fish farming on open shore, and saves land consumptions).
6) Grass planting plate (For planting grass in parking spaces, side-walks and gardens).
7) PE floating deck - For both commercial and leisure use. (For docks, lakes, ponds and or any open water space).
8) PE Helix pipe (NOCX pipe) for post tensioning (Stay Cable) bridge use / Suspension bridges. It is mainly use to reduce vibrations of stay cables caused by both rain and wind.

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